At AABS we provide IT consulting, Training and Staffing to over vendors. Implementing new information systems can be a risky and difficult undertaking. In the midst of continual market change and upheaval, the temptation is to over analyze the situation, leading to an endless cycle of theoretical studies and expensive reports.
Without a proper understanding of the requirements - and experience knowing which technologies to bring to bear on the problem - many companies watch in frustration as their projects drag on forever. Today's technology markets are moving much too quickly for companies to succeed with such a sluggish, impractical approach.
AABS's seasoned consultants have the foresight to evaluate new technologies from a practical perspective - and the business acumen to advise you on how to deploy them to improve the way you do business. Our expertise runs the gamut of new and existing systems, from mainframe databases to the wireless web. Listed below are the wide range of solutions that AABS can provide.

Systems Development ( Design, Development, Testing ) Knowledge Management
Software Consulting (Short term, Long term consulting ) Mobile Computing and M-Strategy
Legacy Systems (Operation, Migration, Maintenance ) Supply Chain Management
Business Process Management. IT Strategy
Customer Relationship Management IT Outsourcing

Change, today, is perceived as the single greatest threat by business world-wide. While disappearing trade barriers and newer technologies has brought new opportunities, it has also challenged and decimated established business models.

To succeed in constantly changing environment, business must develop strategies that embrace change instead of shunning it. This is where the Business Consulting Practice of AABS comes in. We channelize our experience across industries to offer winning solutions and services.

The hiring department will pay you a referral award of $1000. The referral bonus will be paid out to the referrer at the end of the second month of employment of the new recruit. All consultants are paid monthly. AABSGROUP pays employees without interruption, regardless of when client pays. A direct deposit program is available. AABSGROUP believes that our employees are our most important resources. We see them as an extension of our organization representing us to our customers. We strive hard to provide the right environment for them where they are recognized for their value and provide them with opportunities for professional growth. You have the opportunity to be a part of this new organization in the professional workforce.